India is home to 253 million adolescent, young people in the age group 10-19 years. Who compromise 21% of country’s population and therefore it is important to focus on their wellness to have healthy nations and she is the one who focus on their wellness by giving education. Adolescent education has been conceptualized as an educational response to the need for support, encouragement and clarification regarding physical, social, mental development, hormonal changes, infatuation, and love affairs, personal and menstrual hygiene. They should clearly taught that the recognition depend on their self confidence, genuine knowledge, maintaining eye to eye contact, possessing no compromise attitude and not with their external appearance. Her education always focuses on the adolescent to provide them with accurate, age appropriate and cultural relevant information. She gives more importance in teaching about good and bad touch, cultural importance along with above. It also promotes healthy attitude and develop skills to enable them to respond them to real life situation effectively. As a master trainer, in association with WHO an IAP, so for she has educated around 10000 adolescent in and around Puducherry. Extending the education to Karaikal is on process. To create an enabling environment for the implementation of education programme she organised the session with the principal of school and sensitisation are held with parent.