LSRD are diseases linked with the way, people live their life. 25%of Indians die before their age of 70 years because of LSRD

As a representative of our country she had undergone a comprehensive training programme conducted by JAPAN INTERNATIONAL CO OPERATION AGENCY in JAPAN .With the gained knowledge she had conducted LSRD awareness programme and the knowledge regarding LSRD among teachers of government school in Puducherry. She also conducted the same awareness programme for 50 social teachers in Puducherry. As teachers are knowledge importer for all children it can be extended to number of persons. By giving continuing education to the nursing personnel we can extend the education to number of people who seek medical attention. she kept this point in mind and included this topic in CNE conducted at mother Theresa post graduate and research institute of health sciences. Wherever she get a chance, she keeps on insisting and educating the people regarding LSRD and the chief modification needed in dietary pattern and physical activity to lead a healthy life without LSRD.