Sudden accidents which may be natural or manmade that cause great damage or loss of life. Whatever may be the cause, people need special attention and prompt care during and after disaster. As a good humane, its everyone duty to extend their hand to needy. As the member of red cross society, Y2K force and other social organisation she stretched her hand to aid the affected people in 2004 tsunami, 2015 flood by providing food, cloths, and helped them to meet their daily needs.

Being a master trainer of NACO, along with PACS, Pondicherry university of social welfare department created awareness among students at schools and college both in government and private setup and also for nurses, faculties, truck drivers, sex workers and trans gender about HIV and AIDS- its causes, transmission, social stigma preventive measures and cultural values in the societies. She served as a resource associate for the project conducted by NACO in association with IAP and WHO in Bellary district.

She also used to keep under NRHM, SOMI, she had conducted many camps like medical camp, blood donation camp, cervical cancer detection camp, anaemia detection camp.