All power is within the youngsters and they can do anything and everything but guiding them in at a right time in a right way to decide about their carrier plays a vital role to get a fruitful result. With the cooperation between the education, training, community sectors, employment she feels happy in giving carrier guidance for those who feel difficult to choose their career. She support the client in finding suitable placement jobs in working out conflicts with their employers or finding the support of other helpful services. She used to educate the parent that it’s their duty to take care of dropout students. She is the one who does not give importance to the marks and she thinks the success of the individual is based on the overall confidence. She always insists the parents and others that, the whole world come at back of the winner, so it is necessary to us to support the failures to bring confidence among them.

The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving conflicts is very much essential to develop a nation as the selection of wrong path by individual not only lead the individual to trouble but also the whole community, so she mainly gives counselling to all parents to mould their children in perfect way. She insists that, they have to spend time to teach them about good and bad touch, make situation to share their ideas and feelings freely to them. with the special concentration to adolescent as they are more vulnerable to land up in problems, she used to provide a conceptual counselling regarding their physical, psychosocial development and hormonal changes and sexual behaviours.