We are living in the world which develops as the light travels in vacuum but still there are people who do not know even their basic need, rights, duties and lifestyle. In her life she has crossed such a community at karuvadikuppam, lawspet, Puducherry who were still under developed in all and around the dimension. They were very poor to the core on personal and environmental hygiene and could not fulfil their basic needs due to illiteracy and unemployment.

So she adopted this gypsy colony and started to work for improving their quality of life. Remarkable changes on dressing pattern, use of napkin, sanitation, personal and environmental hygiene, speech, knowledge have been achieved through regular visit and health education. Apart from her working hours she keeps on visiting them and gave health education about the personal and menstrual hygiene, sanitation, disposal of napkin, life style modification to improve the quality of life. she has kept a ‘helping hand’ box to collect the cloth and other material from volunteers and distributed toothbrush, napkins, food items, soap and cloths to the gypsy people.

With the extended hand from NGO AND NRHM she has conducted health camp and screened them for threatening and non threatening disease.