Nursing is the profession which is very near to the heart of god. It is art of giving care. she feel proud as god selected me to be in the profession to take care of ill. Nursing is the root cause for her personal and social development. it gives her a very good status in the society. In her carrier she started her life as a staff nurse in the year of 1991, and then she lead the life as same for ten years. In this period of her travel, she was moulded as perfect humanitarian and alleviate the suffering of the ill and it was the golden time when she was recognised for her dedication, support and service. Then she entered to the carrier as tutor in school of nursing, general govt hospital and taught and trained diplomas nursing students for five years. Then she was promoted as principle nursing officer at mother Theresa post graduate and research institute of health sciences. As a administrator actively participated in establishing Para medical school at the region of Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. She ensured student welfare and supervised the represented faculties of four branches of MTPG RIHS. Since 2012 she is enduring her service as a chief nursing officer and encouraging innovation in education, patient oriented research, critical thinking among young minds to sustain modern nursing and overcoming barriers for the development of nursing. she also emphasize on the professional development of nursing personnel for the quality care by organising seminars, workshops,lectures and continuing education.