No scientist has still discovered the formula for success without a comprehensive knowledge, patience and hard work and she is the one who possess all the qualities. Most of the women think marriage is one of the obstacles to achieve the success of the empowerment but in her view she thinks it the spectacle to visualise the secret of success. When she got married, she was a diploma holder and because of her inborn and acquired qualities along with the extended and expanded support of her husband, mother in law, children and mother she was empowered to the level of Doctorate in Nursing. “What we give to others will be given back to us” by giving care, respect, support to her family she received the same from family which made her to become a successful leader and an empowered women. She is the one who keeps in mind that, women place a great role as mother, daughter, wife, sister etc., Again some additional qualities which she poses like kind heart, helping others in time of crisis, trust worthy, love, honest, thinking and doing good for others, prising and encouraging subordinates gaining trust and confidence and especially spiritual faith made her to shine in her society. She is known for extending hands to the needy at anytime everywhere. Everyone need encouragement at every second of life. This has been achieved through her friends, colleagues, seniors, equal line of administrators, and subordinates.