1. Master Trainer in Adolescents Health: Training of Trainer on adolescent Friendly Health Services, Health Manpower Development Institute, Govt. of Tamilnadu (WHO Supported) from 17-04- 2006 to 19-04- 2006.

2. One week Training on Health promotion and Health education conducted by the Central Health Education Bureau, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi.

3. Health promotion & education Training by central health education Bureau, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi from 12-03- 2007 to 16-03- 2007.

4. Public health Nutrition Trainer – National Institute of Health Family welfare, Ministry of Health Family Welfare New Delhi from 02-03- 2009 to 06-03- 2009.

5. Training on women’s empowerment (University Grand Commission), Govt of India from 15-02- 2010 to 20-02- 2010.

6. One month training on AIDS Home care at Khon-kaen University as part of WHO fellowship from 28 th November 2011 to 23 rd December 2011.

7. Basic Neonatal Resuscitation Trainer - Indian Academy of Pediatrics from 22-12- 2014.

8. Master Trainer in Neonatal Resuscitation -Indian Academy of Pediatrics from 22-09-2012 to 23-09- 2012.

9. Cognitive Therapy Training –Salford Cognitive Therapy Training Center, UK & CARE Institute of behavioral sciences from 26-11- 2012 to 30-11- 2012.

10. Preliminary State Disaster Team Training- Indian Red Cross Society & WHO

11. Five Days Maternal and Child Health skill lab training-Govt. of Tamilnadu from 04-08- 2014 to 08-08- 2014.

12. Four days training for MAPM (Mapping for Adolescent Health programme) supported by WHO.

13. Trained for reaching out service for Tsunami affected people supported by Indian Nursing council and WHO.

14. Attended Workshop On ANM Syllabus Revision Organized By TNNMC, Chennai on 8.10.2014.

15. Attended one month training Programme “Life Style Related Diseases Prevention” at Japan organized by JICA from 07-05- 2016 to 13-08- 2016