To be a model and provide excellent innovative education programme that prepare nursing personnel to meet the multifaceted health needs of population, communities and individual.

To be a model and create clean and well developed healthy society through various services


Implementing innovation in education that acts as a route for preparing efficient nursing personnel to meet the need of community

Encourage and lead patient oriented research that yield quality in nursing care

Encourage the young mind to implement the innovation in nursing field

Prevent and alleviate human suffering due to lack of knowledge through various health awareness programme

Everyone deserves the opportunity to gain knowledge on lifestyle related disease and aim to bring LSRD free community along with JICA

To conduct programmes to improve mother and child health with SOMI

To promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of adolescent through adolescent education programme with special concentration to their cultural importance along with WHO and IAP.

Provide counselling on carrier and guidance with special concentration to the failures.

To extend and expand help to the needy.

To bring awareness on AIDS by conducting various programmes along with NACO,TANCO, PAC.

Empowering women along with UGC

Work hard on dreams with dedication to bring the success